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EVS Metal Named to The Fabricator’s 2011 Fab 40

The Fabricator's Fab 40 2011Riverdale, NJ – June 05, 2011 — EVS Metal, Inc., a leading supplier of custom fabricated sheet metal, integration, machined parts and engineering services, today announced that it has been selected as the number seven fabricator in the United States by THE FABRICATOR, a key industry publication.

According to THE FABRICATOR, the FAB 40 “is intended to reinforce the point that metal fabricating is a vital sector of the U.S. manufacturing community”. According to THE FABRICATOR “Eighteen companies that made the FAB 40 last year are in it again this year. Those companies actually share a common bond: success with steady growth”. EVS Metal is proud to be among those eighteen.

From the article:

The FABRICATOR’s FAB 40 suggests the rumors of manufacturing’s death have been greatly exaggerated.

Anecdotal information suggests that metal fabricators are a busy bunch. Capacity utilization numbers from the Federal Reserve reinforce those reports; as of March 2011, manufacturers in the fabricated metal products sector (332 of the North American Industry Classification System) were operating at 75.5 percent of capacity, which is just below the 1972-2010 average of 77.2 percent, but way ahead of the low of 60.5 percent from 2008-2009.

Feedback from the FAB 40 list of leading metal fabricators supports both the positive reports from the field and the manufacturing data from the government. It may not be 2007 again, but thankfully, it’s not 2009.

Before diving into further details, it may be helpful to share the purpose of the FAB 40. This listing is The FABRICATOR’s attempt to provide a snapshot of metal fabricating in the U.S. By collecting this information, we hope to give metal fabricators an idea of how some of the leading shops performed financially last year and what they are forecasting for the current year. Also, this list is intended to reinforce the point that metal fabricating is a vital sector of the U.S. manufacturing community. For more information on how this list was compiled, please see the “Constructing the FAB 40” sidebar.

Read the The Fabricator‘s 2011 Fab 40 in its entirety on their website. 

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