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EVS Metal Announces Addition of TS-86K Spot Welder

Amada TS-86K Spot WelderRiverdale, NJ – February 8, 2010 — EVS Metal, Inc., a leading supplier of precision fabricated sheet metal, integration, machined parts and engineering services, is proud to announce the addition of an Amada TS-86K Spot Welder to its New Jersey fabrication facility.

The unique design of this machine enables spot welding in areas where conventional machines cannot access, while part distortion is reduced by the lower table electrode design. The 1000 mm x 800 mm table size makes one man operation possible even with large components.

In addition to the already proven H-version with a horizontal welding electrode, the new HV version has a horizontal as well as a vertical welding electrode, achieving even better ergonomics and accuracy. The cable control has also been redesigned with a spreader arm, greatly simplifying handling.

The generously dimensioned copper table forms the lower electrode, and, depending on the welding requirements of a given job, the welding spot can be set using a trigger at the welding gun or the foot pedal.

The quality of the welding spots is outstanding and is, in part, achieved through the water-cooled electrode and freely programmable welding parameters. An antioxidation system is used when handling stainless materials. In these cases, welding is performed in an inert atmosphere, avoiding decoloration at the welding spots. 

EVS Metal is proud to add the TS-86K to its lineup of welding equipment and looks forward to being able to handle an even greater number of customer requirements with this new aquisition. 



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