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Two New Amada ID40ST Spot Welders for EVS Metal NJ

EVS Metal New Jersey Sheet Metal Fabrication FacilityRiverdale, NJ – October 25, 2006 – EVS Metal is proud to announce the addition of two ID40ST Spot Welders to its already formidable collection of spot welding equipment.

Capable of delivering 30,000 amps of accurate and consistent welding current, Amada’s ID40ST produces superior finished products, free of the burn spots and uneven welds that typically characterize conventional approaches to spot welding. Using only 100 amps at 460 volts, the advanced inverter power supply compensates for variances in line voltage (that typically cause inconsistencies in resistance welding) and maintains a stable, reliable, powerful welding current, thereby yielding consistent quality welds.

Spot welding is considered a type of resistance welding, and is primarily used to weld 2 or more pieces of sheet metal together via the application of heat from an electric current to the weld area. An idea metal for spot welding is steel, especially low-carbon steel, but also stainless steel, nickel alloys and titanium are also able to be spot welded. This type of welding has has a wide variety of applications, but its main use for the past century has been to assist in the manufacture of cars as the main joining process as they go through the assembly line. 

Besides welding, EVS Metal’s capabilities include a full range of services such as high-speed laser cutting, CNC machining and electromechanical assembly and offers a full range of product manufacturing capabilities, from complex welded enclosures to precision machined parts. The company serves all of North America, Canada and Mexico via its four locations across the U.S.

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