Business Development In Metal Fabrication, EVS Texas: Part 1

EVS Metal is pleased to publish another installation in our series of spotlight articles highlighting employees and their departments. We hope these help illustrate EVS’ capabilities as a manufacturer and sheet metal fabricator, and the value our people bring to the table each and every day.  

Two men shaking handsThis week, we’re speaking with Dave from our Texas metal fabrication facility


Q&A with Dave, Forming Business Development Lead, EVS Metal TX


EVS Metal: How long have you been with EVS, and how long have you worked in metal fabrication overall?

Dave: 22 years in metal fab, of which 12 have been with EVS


EVS: Did you start your metal fabrication career on the shop floor or other similar position, or have you always been in sales?

Dave: I was originally hired into metal fab as the facility manager of the startup Austin warehousing branch of a large Dallas company. I was the only employee for over a year until the purchase of another facility, which initiated the actual production of fabricated items. I was then made shipping manager, before moving over to inventory manager. After that, I moved to the purchasing department, before becoming the outsourcing manager, and then finally to sales. All of this was over a 9-year period.


EVS: Describe your career trajectory — how did you start, any specific education/training/experience, what different positions have you held etc.

Dave: During my college years, I started my own landscaping business which eventually became full time for a brief period. I eventually made it into a part-time enterprise before selling the company after a 10-year run. Concurrently, I worked full time in the sales department for KLBJ radio in Austin for a year, which was my first introduction to sales. I also worked in sales in the insurance, trucking, and hi-tech industries in the Austin area. Having been a business owner has been very helpful to my sales career because it has made me very comfortable asking for work.

Come back next week for part 2 of our interview with Dave!

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